Catia Chávez, MPH

Catia Chavez

Catia Chávez, was born in Lima, Peru. She earned a MPH in Community and Behavioral Sciences from the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH), at the University of Colorado, Denver. She has spent more than ten years working with the Latino community in Colorado in education and public health programs, and worked in a nutrition program with low-income elementary schools at the School of Medicine at UCD for more than seven years. She has been a consultant for the Center for Global Health at CSPH where she gathered, coordinated, analyzed data and complied written reports from Rapid Needs Assessments for Maternal and Child Health in Guatemala and Peru. She joined the Children's Outcomes Research (COR) project with a focus on qualitative research in 2013 as a Senior Professional Research Assistant.

At the mHealth Lab, she serves as an evaluation coordinator of two mHealth projects, working with MPH students in databases, data collection and reporting. In her spare time, Catia enjoys gardening, cooking, snowshoeing, road trips and traveling internationally.

Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano, MPH

Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano

Andrea Jimenez-Zambrano, a native Peruvian, completed her undergraduate education in Biology and Spanish at the University of Colorado Denver. She received a Master of Public Health degree in Community and Behavioral Health at the Colorado School of Public Health. She has experience working with Latino populations in the Denver Metro Area.

After completing her MPH in 2012, Ms. Jimenez-Zambrano has been working in qualitative data methods, facilitating focus groups, developing and doing data collection through surveys, and analyzing data in SPSS. She has also worked on international rapid needs assessments in Guatemala and in Peru with the center for Global Health. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver. Andrea currently works at COR/COHO/CGH as Sr. Professional Research Assistant.