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Gregory T.S. Walker
Gregory T.S. Walker performed solo synthesizer concerts throughout California under the auspices of the U.C. Touring Artist program before obtaining a Masters degree in Computer Music from the University of California at San Diego in 1985.  He premiered his Concerto No. 1 for Orchestra and Synthesizer  with the Oakland Sinfonietta and earned a second Masters in Composition from Mills College in 1987.  As a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, he acquired local notoriety by creating a series of multimedia concerts with titles such as Night of the Cosmic Guitar and Hsing-I.  Eventually, Dr. Walker established himself as a professor at the University of Colorado Denver.  In 1993, the Colorado Symphony commissioned him to compose what was acclaimed as the first "rap symphony," Dream N. the Hood.  In 1996, the Colorado Symphony performed his Bad Rap for Electric Violin and Chamber Orchestra, which was also performed at the Encuentro Musicale de los Americas in Havana, Cuba in 1998.  Like 'Dis (Walk This Way)  has been performed by the New England String Ensemble, the Antara Ensemble in New York, the Grand Rapids Symphony, and the Chicago Sinfonietta, among others.  In 2000, he received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Charles Ives Fellowship.  His Looking for the Perfect Planet for Amplified Chorus and Video Sampler  was premiered by the Chatfield Chansons and the Piedmont Choirs in 2009, and in 2010, violinist Lindsay Deutsch commissioned a new work:
La La, How the Life Goes On.