z ren

Zhiyong "Jason" Ren

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

UCB 428, ECES136

University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309

Phone: (303) 492-4137
Email: Zhiyong.Ren[at]colorado.edu




Dr. Zhiyong "Jason" Ren is an Associate Professor at University of Colorado Boulder. He is also an adjoint faculty at CU Denver. Please visit the website below for details.

Ren Research Group at Univ. of Colorado Boulder

Univ. of Colorado Boulder Environmental Engineering Program



Bioelectrochemical System - Microbial Fuel Cell
- Bioenergy and Biochemical production during waste treatment process (microbial fuel cells, microbial electrolysis cells, etc)

Microbial Water Desalination

Environmental Biotechnology
- Environmental Remediation
- Water and Wastewater Treatment

Microbial Carbon Sequestration

Environmental Sustainability
- Sustainable Water Infrastructure