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The chronic problem of poor translation of effective health interventions into practice is exacerbated by the rapid pace and evolution of technology. There is a critical need to shorten the timeline and consider alternatives for efficacy trials to improve widespread dissemination of promising technologies of health promotion.

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The mHealth Impact Laboratory is directed by Sheana Bull, PhD, MPH

Dr. Bull is the chair of the mHealth Impact Lab. She is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of technology-based health promotion. Her work for the past decade has focused on development, implementation and evaluation of interventions using computer kiosks, the internet and cell phones to facilitate HIV and STI prevention and self-management of chronic illness, including diabetes and heart disease.

Dr. Bull has taught courses to undergraduate, MPH, and PhD students in Public Health, Sociology and Health and Behavioral Sciences since 1998. She developed and taught a new course titled “Methods for development and evaluation of technology based health promotion programs.” Dr. Bull’s teaching philosophy is to prepare students to think critically and become skilled in the effective oral and written communication of ideas.

The director offers guidance on content development based on best practices and evidence from her own and other successful mHealth programs.