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Teaching FALL 2014

3133-Electromagnetic Fields

5644-Med. Imaging

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The Principle Investigator, Dr. Yiming (Jerry) Deng, is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and he is leading an integrative effort in both research and education to apply advances in engineering, physics, and mathematics to the development of advanced nondestructive/noninvasive or minimally invasive imaging techniques. His current research interests are imaging/sensing for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and structural health monitoring (SHM), Intelligent Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) of complex systems, Numerical Modeling and Simulation, that basically cover three methods: analytical, experimental (e.g. nondestructive evaluation techniques, sensors development) and computational (e.g. finite element methods, meshless methods, and multi-physics solvers). Dr. Deng is the director or the LEAP and also an adjunct professor of Bioengineering and Scientific Staff at Colorado Translational Research Imaging Center. He is currently a visiting assistant professor of Pharmacology at CU School of Medicine.

Laboratory of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Imaging and Prognostics (LEAP)

LEAP Lab location: Boulder Creek Building 101; LEAP PhD/MS students office: North Building 2404; Office location: North Building 2404C

Research Sponsorship:

The research in LEAP has been sponsored by the following agencies, foundations and organizations in the right column including: CU system (FDG Grant, MPP Grant, YUMPS Grant), US Department of Transportation/PHMSA, NSFC, National Institutes of Health R01, American Society for Nondestructive Testing, National Jewish Health, etc. The support is gratefully acknowledged!

LEAP News:

  • Ms. Xiaoye Chen won the ASNT Research Symposium Travel Grant. Fifteen students nationwide are supported every year and she will present her research findings supported by US DOT in March 2014. Congratulations, Xiaoye! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • Dr. Joshua Black joined LEAP as a postdoctoral research fellow in Feb. 2014. Welcome, Josh! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • Mr. Salem Egdaire joined LEAP as a PhD student in Spring 2014. Welcome, Salem! (updated: 3/9/2014)
  • Prof. Deng has published the article about Laser based MO imaging collaborated with Prof. Cheng and several PhD students on IEEE Trans. Instruments and Measurement. (updated: 11/5/2012)
  • Prof. Deng has won a CU Denver-sponsored Pilot Research Mentorship Program Grant. The research is to develop a near-field microwave imaging technique using open-ended waveguide probes that offers micron to sub-mm spatial resolution and provides non-contact, one-sided and near real-time measurement capabilities at the same time. (updated:10/26/2012)
  • Prof. Deng gave an invited talk on "EC techniques in NDE" at the WFNDEC on July 14. He is honored and enjoyed the meetings with big names and colleagues (he is always admiring) in this field. (updated:7/15/2012)
  • Prof. Deng attended the IEEE Reliability Society Chair Congress (6/16-6/17) and served as session Chair and PHM NDE Panel Moderator/Panelist in the following IEEE PHM Conference held in Broomfield this year. (updated: 6/22/12)

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